Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Being Brothers

Oh boys.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it is really odd how different siblings can be?

This is not a new subject for me.  No, it is a constant mystery to confound me.  How can two boys, raised in the same house by the same parents, loved and treated in the same way, turn out so very different? 

I say turn out, but let's be honest.  As surely as Henry did come into this world a shy and observant young chap, Wyatt did certainly come flying out with a boisterous and uninhibited personality.  They were who they were from the get-go. 

It is also quite interesting (entertaining?) that one child's personality is very much like Jim and the other is VERY MUCH his mother.  I'm not saying who takes after who. 

What?  I was totally quiet and shy once...ish.


In any case, as polar opposite as they may be, there is no hindrance of love between them.

Henry may not always understand why his brother is perfectly happy doing is own thang (oh yeah, that is not a typo), but he is almost always willing to change what he is doing to play with Wyatt.  He loves to teach Wyatt things, to make him belly laugh and do silly things like march the Happy Dance.

And although they are very, very different, they are also very, very alike.

See?  Crazies.

As God did match the differences between Jim and me in a crazy yet perfect way, our boys are matched and balanced the same.  Wyatt is risky; Henry is careful.  Henry is shy; Wyatt yells at strangers.  Henry will eat anything you give him, or at least try new foods; Wyatt will not try anything new unless you say it is a hot dog.  Henry is obedient and compliant; Wyatt is challenging.  Wyatt is bold as all get out; Henry is timid and often unsure.

Despite all this, they are the greatest of buddies and a perfect compliment to each other.  I can't wait to see how much they love each other when they are teenagers.


Together, they are crazy and loud and silly and sweet.  Little bro wants to be just like big bro. 

And sometimes, when I am cleaning out a closet, Wyatt will find some of Henry's old things and want to put them on, which makes Henry very upset because he cannot also wear his Dutch Boy Halloween costume from when he was two and be just like Wyatt. 

Because who doesn't want to look like a choir boy in a Star Wars shirt?

Which is what made me write this post in the first place.

Oh boys.
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Nina said...

To know them and the way God made each of them is pure joy. All they have to do is look at me or say my name and my heart melts . I can see them always being there for each other and covering each others heart.

sarah said...

Oh what precious boys! I love them both so much! Also wyatt's picture made me laugh out loud. For real! He's so funny =).