Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Stephanie, Meet Old Stephanie

So I randomly decided to go back to the beginning of my blog and read a bit about life back then.  I was surprised to find myself laughing.  At myself!  Or with myself?  Actually, I'm not sure.  But I remember feeling very challenged trying to come up with what to say in a blog post back then because my husband and his friend were so clever and funny in theirs.  I realized two things right away in my review tonight: 1) I talked about poo a lot, and 2) Jim and Mike are lame-o blogger dropouts.  Also I used to enjoy writing poems.  Maybe I should pick that up again...

Here's one:

There's nothing on TV tonight
I'm all alone, but that's alright
  I've got my laptop, tried and true
Sweet boredom fighter, I heart you
You help me check up on my friends
Upon your power, I depend
"Stalker" is a word some use
But that's not me, I just peruse
And now I'm done with this sweet poem
I've blogs and emails yet to roam.

Thank you, thank you everyone.  I know I overwhelm you with my talent and profound thoughts.

Something else I realized in my review of myself is that I blogged about myself.  Now I only ever blog about my children.  And rightly so.  They are my entire world at the moment.  However, I feel inclined to challenge myself to venture out of my mommyness every now and then and blog about something other than my precious, adorable - oh my gosh, Wyatt colored on the walls - children. 

I can do that, right?  Type words with no pictures???  Hmm.  Here is what I see me doing:

Stephanie sits down to blog.  Stephanie blocks out the sound of her children not taking naps.  Stephanie looks out the window for inspiration.  Oh look!  That neighbor finally took down their Christmas wreath!  Jeez, it only took them 2 months!  What was I doing?  Oh yes, blog....mmmm....words...funny...look around...table...light...socket...kinda rhymes with chocolate.  Hmm.  I'm hungry.  Did I eat lunch?  Who was that person I was supposed to call?  Crap!  I forgot about the library books!  Oh look!  That other neighbor is leaving to work out.  Man, she works out a lot.  What was I doing?  Oh yeah, I was going to eat.

See?  See how hard this challenge will be?

Did you know that Jim and I used to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles together?  I miss that.  Only it makes me feel really tired right now.  I miss my old brain.


Missy said...

Ahhhh...the long-lasting effects of pregnancy brain. My babies are teens and I STILL haven't recovered. Wow...can you tell I have the spiritual gift of encouragement?? HA!

Btw...your poem was awesomesauce. No kidding.

Peaby said...

um, yes, I am a lame-o blog drop out. But I love the poem/roam rhyme. very clever!

Jo B. said...

Steph, I loved your post. Every time I think I'll start a blog I agonized over what should be in it: My musings? Adoration of my grandchildren? Attempts to market my crafts? I love that you jumped in and just started posting and now you've been at it long enough to ponder your blog journey. I'm still lurking. Love your honesty.

Brazenlilly said...

Haha! I love stream of consciousness. Again! Again!

Tibbslove said...

I chuckled when I read this... seriously funny. And yes... our kiddos take a lot of the attention. I would LOVE to hear more from you. Because you're wonderful! And you're funny. Your stream of thought was seriously a day in the life...

butters said...

HA... I love it. And yes, your neighbor is a bit of a workout freak! And, I forgot my library books too! Thanks for reminding me. I love you and think you're sooo funny. Jigsaw puzzles?! Ah... NO thank you!!

sarah said...

Oh how I love your poems!

woosterweester said...

You. Rock. I like you lots in blog world. I think I would looove you in person. Hmmm. That sounded kind of creepy the way I wrote that. Oh well, you know what I mean...riiiiight?:)

That's what she said.

Danielle Brown said...

Love it! It is amazing how we change (and lose our minds...). Now, what was I going to comment? Oh yes - great poem! :)