Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Art

It was like, all of a sudden, he wasn't trying to eat crayons anymore.  Yay!  I love this new stage, where you can actively do something you enjoy with your child.  Not that I don't love playing cars/dinosaurs/Mickey Mouse/will you please read this book to me for the millionth time today.  Wyatt loves to color and I love it just as much as I loved coloring with Henry, because there is no end to what you can draw!  I mean, I can make SO many different stick figures.  And also, all I have to do is make a circle and he thinks I am the bomb.

The budding artist:

Look!  He even holds it the right way!

It was all going so well.  He was doing such a great job and as he changed colors and scribbled away I thought to myself, "This is it.  He is of the creative sort.  He will be an artist of some kind, I just know it!"

Wyatt, NO!
Artist, indeed.
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Anonymous said...

Ah, but what you're forgetting, Steph, is that is EXACTLY what an artist is....someone who thinks outside the box. Draw on paper??? pishaw...Wyatt sees a canvas on everything in the house!!

Love Aunt Delissa (mom to your cousin, Alex, who drew on the entire wall in the basement when he was 2)

Nina said...

You don't always get to see a true artist in action. His wall drawing looks like a sailboat to me. The world is his canvas(: I wonder how Picasso started? I know for a fact Picasso was not as handsome as Sir little Wyatt. Kiss him for me xoxo

Danielle Brown said...

LOL - I was reading this on my phone last night and only the pictures came thru - no words. But, I have to say. I LOL at it even w/out the words. Hee, hee. Because his face told the story. :)