Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Even though we've been back for one week, I have refrained from posting any of our pictures from Florida thus far because we have approximately one million photos and it overwhelms me to think about. So! I will do mini-posts for awhile, which will mean less work for me and lots of posts to come! They will be very out of order but will give you a glimpse into our trip and show you how much fun we had with my family in Orlando.
The first post is dedicated to my sweet boy Henry, who loved him some race cars at the Magic Kingdom!
Grandma and Wyatt, waiting for Henry's car to take off!

Wyatt is so sad...he doesn't meet the height requirement for the ride.

Dad and Henry waiting in the not-too-long line in SHORTS!
(can you sense his excitement?)

Watching...wondering what color car he will get...

Getting close! And more excited!

At last, behind the wheel. He is a very serious driver, as you can see.


And here is a look into our future (aaaaaah!):

Stay tuned...

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Nina said...

What a sweet happy boy and Debbie looks beautiful! I'm so glad you this special time together. Never too many pictures (:

Brazenlilly said...

I love it! Wyatt's sad face cracks me up every time. And Henry looks SO excited. Experienceing the park through his eyes must be so much fun for you guys!

sarah said...

How fun! I love Wyatt's sad face too. The Mickey ears are too adorable on him.