Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life according to Henry

Hello, people. I took some pictures to share what my life is like. I hope you like them.
This is my brother, baby Wyatt. He is always looking at me.

Here's my foot. My dad says it is stinky, but I think it's cool. Better than anything else going on in the background for sure.

Here is both my feet with Mickey Mouse's feet. Also cool.

Here's my mom and baby Wyatt. This was a nice chance for me to get my mom to stop talking in that high pitched voice to my brother. He acts like he loves it but I think he's just trying to make her feel good.

She is always kissing him! Poor guy doesn't know how to run away yet.

Wyatt was kind of grumpy before church but if I was taking his picture, he was okay. It's like he can't get enough of me.

Do you like what I did here with my finger?

I don't know why more people don't take pictures of themselves upside down.

Here's my dad. He's pretty funny.

See? I told you. Baby Wyatt's balding head is also there...but he is the focus of most pictures this day so he can sit one out.

Here's a wall in our house.

Here's one of baby Wyatt's dirty diapers. If it were dad doing the changing, it would probably sit there until we got home from church and mom saw it and picked it up. Luckily, it was mom doing the changing. Those things are pretty squishy if you step on one.

This is one of baby Wyatt's new tricks. Mom thinks it's so cool but I don't get it. How come she doesn't get all excited when I'm grabbing things??

This next picture got me major points with my mom. I think she said, "It's even clear!" Pfft. Like I'm an amateur or something.

Feel sorry for me people. She is soooo weird sometimes.

I guess he's okay. At least I can't do wrong in his eyes!

Life's not always perfect, but I guess I'll keep them.
Photographs by: Henry
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butters said...

Very creative and I like Henry's artistic touch. I love the last one of your little peanut, such a happy little guy. Love that nutty family.(;

jgorger said...

Love it! This post made me laugh so hard!

Jo B. said...

Henry, I thought your dad was an amazing photographer, but you've got him beat. Keep up the great pix!

Anonymous said...

GREAT job, Henry!!! What fun pictures, and your captions are so creative, too! You have such a wonderful family whom you've captured PERFECTLY! love you all, Grandma J.

Rory said...

This may very well be the funniest blog post EVER!:) I looove your sense of humor Steph, er, I mean, Henry.

Kudos to you for handling two sweeties with such abundant fun!

Nina said...

Dear Henry,

Could I hire you for a photo session? Love you buddy!