Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confessions of a mother of two

I said I'd never...stick a pacifier in my infant's mouth that just fell onto the dirty floor.
I said I'd never...lick my finger and use it to wipe some dirt of my child's face.
I said I'd never...use the infant as an excuse not to play Hi-Ho-Cherry-O again.
I said I'd never...let my children go anywhere with any kind of food, dirt or stain on their clothes.
I said I'd never...yell (okay, raise my voice) at my child in public.
I said I'd never...let my child eat on a public table without sanitizing every square inch of it first.
I said I'd never...use bribes to get the desired behavior from my child.
I said I'd never...let my child sweat and not give him a bath that night.
I said I'd never...let my children watch SpongeBob Squarepants (Lord have mercy).
I said I'd never...let the housework go to pots because of having children.
How about you?


Brazenlilly said...

ARe you kidding? My list is way too long to even begin. Today I'm still working on keeping my promise that I'd never lock my child in a closet.

Jovial J said...

I am now a big believer in never say never, because I have a list about 20 times as long as yours!

Scrappin' Diva said...

You're not alone in your list of Nevers :) It goes with the job!

Mrs. D said...

I hear you on all of those... I'll add to the list.
~Going to bed with sunscreen on.
~Go to bed without brushing teeth.
~She would sit on the toilet for who knows how long until I would come and wipe her.. Now she just "drip dries" if I take to long.
~Eating cereal without milk(cause nobody is there to pour it)
~Skipping pages in a book to finish sooner.

eets said...

I was there on the "no bribes" one as well and "no negotiating". Oh well. At least I haven't "counted to 3" yet! As for the rest...gave up a long time ago.