Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brothers at random

Well. Who has time to blog? Not me! So here will be a random assortment of pictures from the last two weeks. Give me some credit. I'm dead tired! My toddler is acting like...well...a toddler. He has, in fact, perfected the craft. Lovely! I'm trying not to give myself too hard a time for being rather snappy with him lately, but I do feel bad that on top of all that has changed, I also don't have all the patience he requires right now. And then there is our darling newborn, who is an angel baby. However, how did I forget that you spend most of your day feeding a newborn? Did I mention I'm tired? And how come I can't seem to properly line up Henry's nap with a time when Wyatt doesn't need to be fed?? zzzzzzzzz.... Ah well. I suppose it will all come together in time.
Anyhow. Back to the pictures! Just to prove that we do still exist!
Jim treated us to a few days at the beach last week and we stayed at an awesome hotel where Henry got his very own room with a king sized pillow top bed. Mmhmm. Jim and I slept on the pull out bed in the living room with Wyatt next to us in the pack n play.
Here is Henry enjoying his digs (try not to laugh):

And here is Wyatt, having no idea where we are:

Every time I pull the camera out, Henry wants to do something for me. Usually it ends up being something pretty silly. These are times when I really love having a toddler!

I love our precious babe!

...and from another angle...

...and yawn. This is what he does all day.

Look! They actually DO interact! Or, Henry gets close to Wyatt and either pokes him or stares. Whatever! I'll take anything that doesn't involve toys hitting the head!

Hello, dude.

Henry has been SO lucky lately. Lots of people keep bringing him toys and fun things to play with. :) Here he is showing off his new transformer from the Mareks:

And here he is trying on daddy's helmet:

Oh, the fun. :)
And now, my always on-the-go big boy is requesting a game of fishing with him, so I must take my leave. Does anyone know of a game to play with a toddler that involves resting??

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Brazenlilly said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! He's already changing so much! He looks so different when he's awake. I feel like I want to get to know him...ask him some questions, ya know? Hang in there. These first couple of months are hard--there's just no way around it. But things WILL get better, slowly but surely. Can't wait to hug you all!

eets said...

ummm...did he say "come hither" or is it just the pose? Should I laugh or be scared? Hilarious. Sarah laughed out loud!

Rory said...

Hooray! LOVE LOVE the pics! Oh man, the tired factor. Yeah, you can't underestimate that one. And give yourself credit for only being "snappy" when deprived of sleep! That's something to pat yourself on the back for! I can be downright miserable to be around if I haven't gotten my z's. So, hang in there. If you're like me you probably feel like you're not accomplishing very much in a day right now, but truthfully, you've accomplished a ton. It's just that they end up being lots of "little" things i.e. oh, feed the baby a gazillion times, keep other children occupied, feed yourself (if you remember), get yourself in regular clothes for the day, etc.:) It's not easy, but you have a million other moms sitting back goin', "Yup, I am SOOOO there." We're rootin' for you AND praying for you! And beyond anything else you can tell that your boys are happy, healthy little guys just by looking at your pictures! Hope to see you in person one of these days!


Scrappin' Diva said...

Thanks for the pics! I can't believe how cute lil' Wyatt is - we're going to have to get him and Stella together :) Honestly - I'm snappy even with a full nights sleep, cut yourself some slack!

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and update. I always knew that you were amazing - but managing to blog when you have a newborn and an almost-three-year-old?! You're a superstar! I'll be praying that the resting game is a success for all involved!

Brazenlilly said...

Came back for a second look and realized I forgot to comment on Henry's first pic. FRAMER! I want to know if he was coached or that pose comes naturally. Also...why again did he have the king and you had the hide-a-bed?

Anonymous said... get HUGE kudos for taking the time to blog and download pictures when I know there's SO many other things you could/should be doing...Thank you so much! Those boys are so adorable...Wyatt is just beautiful, and Henry is so big and full of spunk...I wish I could be there NOW! I'm so proud of you and your beautiful mothering, and I love you all very much...Mom

Delissa said...

Hi Steph,

Little Wyatt is gorgeous!! You did good! Can't wait to meet him,and Samantha is so excited to see Henry again. We're at the beach from the 3rd to the 13th. You and your mom are welcome to visit if you have the energy. We love you all.

Love Aunt Delissa and family

butters said...

Hey friend,

Somehow I missed when you posted these. I love the pictures, and yes, the first one is hilarious. Such a "look" for a three year old, what a crack-up.

Wyatt is so adorable, I'm sort of sad that it might be so long before I see him again and he'll be "all grown up!"

I hope you're feeling better. Love ya.