Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brotherly affection

Henry will hold Wyatt's hand,

and stare at him,

and touch him with his foot.

Oh. Also, he likes to involve Wyatt in all his games.

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Here are some videos that are really not all that exciting, but the grandparents (and other family members we never see) will love it!

I swear to you, Wyatt keeps smiling at us...

Here is Henry entertaining his brother. Of course, it was WAY louder and more dramatic before I started taking video... Usually, whenever Henry is talking or running around, Wyatt watching him or trying to find him. It's pretty cute. He just wants to see what his brother is doing!

And Henry is always willing to comply. He will show Wyatt everything he's doing and will often get a little too close for comfort.

Well, it has taken me forever to finish this. Typing with one hand half the time. Aaaand goodbye!


Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Loved the videos! So sweet. They brought back some memories for me too. Henry is precious. And Wyatt just has all that newborn goodness going for him. How are you doing with two?

Kathy said...

This family member loved the pictures and videos! Thanks so much for sharing them. Give the kiddos lots of love from their Aunt Kathy!

butters said...

Steph, super mom! Sick with bronchitis, and yet your house looks clean and your kids and well kept and "playing" together so nicely and oh ya... you have a three week old! I love the video of Henry with Wyatt's precious hand in his, that is so sweet and I love the look he gives you when you ask if he loves his brother. So sweet, thanks for sharing.

Aj Schwanz said...

Team GeoTrax, all aboard! (I recognize some of those toys :)).

Amazing mama, beautiful boys, lovely home. You'll have to post some "Henry at Wyatt's age" photos to compare: to me, they look so different! But I only know them from a distance.

Rest, friend! Enjoy the sweetness, and be glad the bangy bangy is expressed on a inanimate object. :)

Brazenlilly said...

I love it all! But my favorite is the picture of Wyatt with little tinkerton accessories displayed on his bod. They are both so adorable! I agree...I'd love to see some comparison pics. But I feel like I can see some similarities in their eyes...just me?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Steph. Precious boys and precious times...I am so excited to be there and meet Wyatt in person, and play with adorable Henry! Less than a week! As Jaci would say, "wooot!" ...or something like that! Love you so much, Mom/Grandma J