Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All things daddy

Something has changed in Henry in the past 2 weeks. Something that has always been there, but not quite...so...loud. That would be his obsession with his daddy. It's always been present - wanting to put on Jim's shoes, doing whatever Jim is doing, chasing Jim when he's trying to mow the lawn, etc. More recently, this obsession has turned to an all-out trauma central whenever Jim leaves the house. He has always (for the most part) done this with me, but now when Jim leaves for work or whatever, Henry THROWS.A.FIT. He is so upset and just wails and wails, releasing huge crocodile tears. Kinda cute. I know it makes Jim feel good. Not that Henry is crying, but that he jsut wants him to stay around. :)
Here are some pics of Henry sporting Jim's outerwear:

Can you see me?
This one is a bit long

Am I a genius, or what?

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Jim said...

Shoot. Hi buddy.

Brazenlilly said...

The first vest pic is my fave, and the second vest pic reminds me of some Star Wars costume...or maybe that's just in my mind since we caught some of Return of the Jedi the other night at your house!

butters said...

To think someday he'll fit those clothes.(:

I love dads and their boys,

what a lovely family you have.
love ya,

Aj Schwanz said...

Aw, that's just precious. Ditto on the "Star Wars" nature of the second set of pictures: he's like the white man's Yoda. :)

sarah said...

I love the poofy vest pictures! Good work mommy!

Becky said...

He sure loves his daddy. I have to say I too am a fan of the vest. Maybe he'll start a new fashion trend. The new belted vest..too cool!

Brazenlilly said...

Hey! You found the new blog layout too! I like! Now, you just need a new post.