Friday, January 25, 2008

More sledding pics

I forgot there were some pictures Jim took from the boys' sledding adventure I wanted to post!!

Henry: I'm not sure about this, Carson
Carson: We'll be fine, dude!



Dad, I did it!

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P-Jak said...

The narrative is great... and cool header picture!

Peaby said...

great pictures! I also wanted to comment on your new page header. Looks great!

Brazenlilly said...

YEAH! They look like they had so much fun. I want to go next time! Carson still talks about playing in the "no" with Henry.

sarah said...

They are too cute! They look like they're having just a little fun =). I can' wait for Ethan to get in on the action. Someway, somehow I will make it up there this winter to see some sledding.
Look at you getting all fancy with your blog header. I like it!