Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just more pics

You know when you've got 'em, you've got to share 'em. These first two were taken by Uncle Mike - too cute. I love how he got Henry mid-spit. :)

Jim took this next one and I love it b/c it's Henry's classic concentration look. He is just fascinated by grass. Cool.

I always think about how it would be cool if I could think of anything clever to blog about and not just post pictures (though I know that's why most of you check out the blog). Oh well. Not today. Not today.
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Brazenlilly said...

Oh crap! That second one is classic! He looks like he knows he's got everyone wrapped around his little finger. Which, of course, he does.

sarah said...

So, I was going to pick out a favorite and I can't. He's adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang- you're boy is so cute!! It just makes me want to grab him!

butters said...

I love the "spitting" picture, his dimples are just all out there. He just gets cuter and cuter. Hmm... girls I'm missing all the boys, we need a play date!!!
Love you all, besides I'm missing you girls too.(: