Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grass 'n shorts

Warm weather sure brings some fun things with a baby. One is grass, which Henry really likes to feel. The other is shorts, which show off his chubby thighs. :) Here's a couple pics from last night, enjoying the afternoon sunshine:

These next pics are from this morning. Henry looooves playtime in the morning...he's usually all smiles. I know Jim is going to lecture me on the focus in the second pic, but I had to post it anyway b/c of his smile.

Have a great (sunshiny) day everyone!

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sarah said...

I'm so glad you posted that last picture. What an adorable grin. I love seeing Henry in his summer clothes. I had such fun today figuring out what Ethan would wear (thank you Costco for your one piece outfits).

Brazenlilly said...

Love it! It's like he is growing up before our eyes. These pictures show him headed towards toddler-land! :)