Friday, February 23, 2007

Poor baby

So, today I watched Henry get scared for the first time. Everyone always talks about how Henry has the saddest sad should have seen him today! I nearly cried myself!

We were walking out of Albertsons - him in the cart, me pushing (duh) - and we had to stop to let an armored money truck go by. It had been stopped, so as it switched over to "drive" it made that loud hissing air sound. You know the one. Like busses make sometimes. Anyhow, it was super-loud and we were just a few feet away - it even scared me.

So I look down at Henry and he's looking at me with the biggest eyes I have ever seen and slowly, slowly his face rumples up into the saddest cry I have ever heard. We're talking huge alligator tears here. Of course, I laughed. :) He was too cute. Don't worry, I comforted him, too, and told him it also scared me.

The sweetest thing is that he didn't calm down until I picked him up. I always love that part.


Anonymous said...

This reminded us of having Debbie at PDX. She was still horizobtal in our arms as we saw Uncle Gene off. An engine backfired, really loud, and Debs eyes got really, really big. We don't remember her crying, but she was startled. Gee, that was a real long time ago. Guess it runs in the family.
Grandma & Grandpa

Annie & Co. said...

Poor little Henry - doesn't it just break your heart? I'm glad you were there to comfort him. Isn't being a mam great? :)