Wednesday, February 14, 2007


No, no, no...Henry is not crawling yet. I've just been putting him up on his hands and knees to get used to the feeling. Most of the time, he looks at me like, "Wow, this is neat!" However, as you can see below, there is also the "I don't want to and you can't make me!" Unfortunately, the latter is the only one I captured on film. Enjoy!

This could be cool.

Nope. I've had enough.

Mama, I said no!

I suppose it's a start.

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Aj said...

I can see it now: Henry's in high school in some sport like wrestling or football or something, and he starts having these flashbacks. Post-traumatic Fake Crawling Syndrome: you should market it now and make your millions . . . or at least enough money in case someone thinks he needs therapy. Judah can join him, except his issue will be more with restraints. :D

Jim said...

That's so cute. He's got so much drool it's coming out his nose.