Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My blog should be named "Pictures"

But it's all I have to share!

"What'd you say??"

I know, I know. It's blurry.

Here's a great shot of Henry during his "happy" time Sunday evening...
Oh yeah...my baby loves me. =D
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Jim said...

That's so cute. He looks just like you when you're upset.

Brazenlilly said...

That second pic is brilliant. The look on both of your faces is priceless!

Jan Lefebvre said...

I lost this link, but now have found it again!! We all know that Henry loves you, no matter how hard you must have pinched him to get him to cry like that! :)
Hope to see you soon! It's been a long time - especially since I've seen your little man!!!
Jan Lefebvre