Thursday, November 30, 2006

More from Orlando...

I thought everyone would enjoy this picture. This is what my mom looks like at work. Cute, eh? Ringlets and all! =) We went to Disney on Saturday with Jaci, Jeremiah and his girlfriend Christy and stopped at the American Adventure to see Grandma sing. As you can see, Henry was so excited, he drooled all over himself. Thanks to Carson for some short sleeved shirts! You might think Henry looks unhappy here, but he is actually overwhelmed. There is probaby 50 people all huddled around and staring and "aaww"ing at him. Here's Henry on Sunday, all ready for church. I wasn't feeling well (which makes sense now that Henry is in the middle of a yucky cold), so Grandma and Grandpa took him to church. Apparently, he was a big hit in the outfit Grandma got him from her favorite store...Gymboree! (You all thought I was going to say Nordstrom, right??)
My mother has this gift...take any screaming, unhappy baby and play pattycake and he will squeal with joy. No joke. It doesn't work as well when I do it! Needless to say, Henry loved playing with Grandma. If you are sitting here in the northwest, you might be wondering why Henry has no clothes on. It was 80 degrees in Orlando. Blech! Oh, and he kept spitting up on all his clothes.
One more pic for now...this is Jeremiah and Christy. Aren't they so cute? We all just loved getting to know Christy - she is such a sweet girl, not to mention fun! And beautiful I might add!
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Brazenlilly said...

I love that one with the neked baby...he is just STARING at your mom. How cute.

grandpa said...

Stephanie In regards to Christy and being a good looking lady--I agree, but Jeremiah has had much success. Just look at his grandma, his mother, and his two sisters. all good looking. He couldn't help but find a girl like Christy.