Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So I've gained some weight. Sue me.

As you can see, our little boy is growing by the day. He has acquired quite a nice set of chins along with a little more squishiness in the thigh area. I love it! Tomorrow he has his 2 month appointment and we'll see how much he weighs.

Henry has started to smile (first one was for daddy!) and is talking more and more. Talking means "Gaaw," "Hooo" and the like.


Something that we are having fun with right now is when Henry is crying because he is tired, he goes something like this, "Waah-ah-ah-ah." And Jim replies, "One crying baby - ah-ah-ah." Get it? Sesame Street anyone? Ah-ah-ah! Posted by Picasa


Peaby said...

Count von Count! Awesome. Jim will have to do that impression at our next get-together.

Jason said...

As long as he doesn't say "Histeri-poo" everything is fine.