Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh my.

Henry weighs 15 lbs. 7 oz. and is 26 inches long. Good grief. The pediatrician said, "Well, he's a tall boy, that's for sure." Doc assured me that he is not too big at all - that he needs to weigh as much for his length. He's proportionate! I have to say though, when I saw another lady there with her two month old daughter, I nearly laughed at how tiny she was in comparison. At least we can say he is healthy! And cute, don't forget. =)


Brazenlilly said...

He's just bulking up for the winter months! Chubby babies are the best.

eets said...

just for fun we checked Ethan's 2 month stats. 25" 15lbs/13oz. Hope that helps you feel you don't have too bad of a porker compared to our "little" one!

grandma & grandpa said...

We are so glad you told us about your blog (that is a funny word) otherwise we might not have checked it again and seen that cute, and soon to be handsome little boy and young man. It sounds like you won't have to go broke buying those things that babyies suck on. Your mother and all your aunt referred to them as fa-fa-s - -no, we don;t know why. We realize that we are not "with it" on a lot of things but we do not understand the cartoon. You might have to help us on that. We will call again, before too long so we can stop by and see you and Henry.