Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time flies!

Our baby boy is four weeks old today! Good grief! Didn't I just give birth to him? I can see why people keep saying to enjoy this and that while he is this little. So precious, so little...but growing every day. I am love, love, loving being a mommy and watching Jim be a daddy.

My mother, proud new grandma, has been here visiting for a week now and we are just having a blast taking Henry all over town. He is very well behaved when we're out and about. Must mean he likes to shop! Ha. Grandma Johnson is having so much fun with Henry - playing patty cake (yes, already) and putting him to sleep faster than you can say "shhh." She's got the touch, I guess!

Seems to enjoy "patty cake," no?

We just love our little boy!

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