Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Babies and hats

Why is it so fun to put hats on babies? I, along with several of my friends, enjoy purchasing all sorts of head coverings for our little ones. They're so darn cute! (the babies aren't so bad either...) Here's us before our walk last night. It was a little more chilly than normal outside, so OF COURSE, we had to bundle up and wear a hat. =D Henry also wore a hat on Sunday, which was part of the super-cute sailor outfit Myrna got him. AHOY!
In case you've forgotten what his head looks like, I've added another picture. Please notice head to dad's hand ratio. Geesh!
Because I love posting pictures and to make an even mom/dad showing, here's one with Jim and Henry. Awwww. I wonder if Henry's eyes will be as bright blue as Jim's someday?? I'm wondering when I will actually have some stories or bright ideas to post again... For now, this is what you get!!!

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Brazenlilly said...

And this is what we want! Kee-yoot! Keep 'em coming!