Friday, September 30, 2005

Bring on the rain!!

I love to see the colored leaves
I love the raindrops on my sleeves
I love the fall in every way
It means we're close to Christmas day.

A poem, by Stephanie Marr.

Thank you, thank you. Oh, stop it. Thank you.


Jim said...

Although I know you are obsessed
This one thing you must remember
Christmas music cannot be played
Until the calendar says "December"

Steph said...

POO ON YOU.'s that for a rhyme?

JASon said...

No question about the calendar! Seriously, celebrate one holiday at a time, not Christmas in October.

Aj Schwanz said...

Obviously *some* people don't understand the true meaning of Christmas, which is celebrated in our hearts - and that's twelve months out of the year. (Ugh: I can't believe I just wrote that - but someone had to put a stop to the boy "bah humbag!"ness). :)

Steph said...

Thanks, AJ! I like you!