Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I shall not be a cliche

It is just Kindergarten. It's school. He's 5. He's had two years of preschool. No biggie!

He's so excited so I will be, too! There will be no tears here. All smiles. :)


Until he steps onto the SCHOOL BUS TOMORROW and I mourn the precious past five years of his life!

What the heck? Honestly, mothers of the past. You said, "Time flies" but you did not say, "One day, you push a baby out of your body and the next day, he goes to Kindergarten!" AH!

Oh, Henry.  Remember how 5 minutes ago, you were learning to walk?

Remember how when you went to bed last night, you were my cutesy, chubby, dubby baby?

And then you woke up today and POOF!  You're all tall and lean and handsome. 


Okay fine!  I'm like everybody else because I cannot let go of the feeling that I'm leaving something behind.  That today is the VERY LAST DAY with my little guy before he becomes a big school kid.  All old and stuff.  Kindergarten.  Pfft.


To be continued...
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Tibbslove said...

Oh tears, Steph. I too remember when he was just a lil' guy. Hang in there and I'll be thinking about you in the morning.. with prayers.

Love and smooches!

Brazenlilly said... I'm crying. So, apparently I am falling into the cliche of auntie-not-by-blood-but-by-everything-else-who-cries-because-Henry-grows-up-too-fast. They all do! Can't wait to hear how the day goes!

Nina said...

Ah...I remember those precious days.I remember hiding behind bushes for one last look. What I didn't know till years later is that they knew all along. Mom tears at these times are normal. Lots of moms wearing sunglasses . I always had two big boxes of tissues by my classroom door the first week of school.Love just spills out.

Today I celebrate you Henry!! You have a beautiful heart for others. Your teacher will be blessed as well as your friends. Proud of you !

Anonymous said...

...and may I just suggest to you that those sunglasses are just as fashionable when your boys enter college! We love these kids like God intended! Hang in there! Henry will do so well! Adoringly, Angie M.

jgorger said...

So true, they grow up fast. Its milestone moments like this that make me happy to be a stay at home mom! Aren't you just so happy that you chose to stay home to spend so much time relishing in the joys of their young years. We are lucky to have the choice and ability to do it. Precious times!