Monday, June 20, 2011

My Jedi Knight

It's no joke. He takes this very seriously, as you can tell by the following pictures. Luckily for him, his friend had a costume party for her birthday so we had to make him a Jedi costume with a pillow case, a belt and some of my knee socks.

My Jedi:

We ended up actually making him Obi-Wan because of the color of available pillow cases I had.  He dictated to me who wore what and that he could only be Obi-Wan in that color, of course.  Mmkay. The only thing Henry said was missing from his Obi-Wan costume was a beard, but he didn't like the idea of my drawing on his face with make-up. So for the pictures sake, we had a little fun this morning:

To say the least, he had a blast at the party, and the little boys played Star Wars to their hearts content.  There's not really much else to say, except,

May the Force be with you.
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Brazenlilly said...

I love this! That beard is brilliant! :) Love our boys' obsession and that they can share it together. Thank you guys so much for dressing up! It was a blast.

Nina said...

The force is coming my way ! I haven't know a thing about Star Wars but I can tell you I had the honor of sitting on the floor in his room for my first lessons. He was very patient with me as he gave me all the names and I repeated them back. Thank you teacher Henry! Looking forward to my next lesson. Awesome pictures!!!!!

debbiegran said...

Adorable!! I can't wait to be tutored in all things "Star Wars"!!

...he takes this very seriously, doesn't he?...

love you,

Lauren Taylor said...

these are great. i mean, i kinda want to frame the first one. :)