Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Start

I might have had a tear for the removal of sweet, baby Henry and his trees, but it was time to add Wyatt to the banner!  I needed a simplified, clean look, so back to a Blogger template we go.  It's refreshing, really.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  So far, I'm surprised I haven't gone completely grey, but hey - that's life! 

(that's me attempting to laugh off the minute-to-minute trials our second born gives me every day)


Anonymous said...

I do love your new banner - it's a great pic!!
Jan L

Nina said...

I love this picture so much and the three in it !!!!!!!

Tibbslove said...

Beautiful. You're such a pretty Mom (both inside and out) and your boys... well... I wanna smooch their cheeks! So cute.

Danielle Brown said...

Love the new pic!

Debbie said...

I LOVE the new banner, Steph...and all the cutie-pies in're my very first cutie-pie, you know!

love you, Mom