Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A really long post about Legos

I feel like I live in my own private Lego Land.  In the past 6 months, Henry has become a Lego fiend.  FIEND.  What does that mean, you ask?  It means that I have permanent Lego marks on the bottom of each foot. 
While Henry is pretty good at keeping the Lego's in one general area, his little brother IS NOT.  Sometimes Wyatt thinks it is fun to throw Legos or take them for rides in his truck or hide them in speakers.  It's a special treat whenever Jim and I sit down to watch a movie and there is a little hum coming from the sub-woofer.  And the best part is that neither Jim or I can do anything about it.  We have to wait for Henry to stick his skinny arm inside and pull out whatever treasure Wyatt has placed inside. 

Anyhow, I digress.  Did you know how many clear legos they make these days?  A lot.  That is how many.  Also, do you know how tiny legos can be these days?  Very tiny.  At first, I was like, wow!  Cool!  Look at all these awesome accessories!  This would make the perfect headlight for a Lego car or the awesomest center of a flower! 

I am pretty sure I have vacuumed up half of what hasn't gotten stuck between my toes.

So far, this doesn't seem like a very positive blog post.  I will now change direction.

Legos are one of the awesomest things that has happened to our Henry!  It's like he found his "thing."  Mix Legos with Star Wars, and we are in Hea-ven.  Every morning, he finishes his breakfast and walks straight to that box of teeny tiny parts and dumps it into a heaping pile. 

This is when the magic begins.  Though he stays pretty close to certain themes - Star Wars, shooters, spaceships - he is always excited to create new things.  I love it.  LOVE it.  And he's so good at it!  He has a mind for that kind of concentration and can even follow the directions on his own to build Lego creations.  He might use his poor mother to look for all those ridiculously small parts, but he must be the one to put it together.

One of my biggest challenges these days is keeping Lego Darth Vader or Lego Obi-Wan out of "someones" little pockets when he goes to school or church.  Henry is so proud of these little guys, he thinks that everyone is going to be just as excited about them and he MUST share them with the world.  It is quite thoughtful, really.

A few weeks ago, I retrieved the mail and threw it on the counter.  A few minutes later, Henry walked up, pulled a piece of mail out and said, "Mommy....what....is this?!"  With a look of pure astonishment and unbelief, he held up this:

which became his favorite reading material.  I am not even kidding you.  He would lay on the ground on his tummy and just look and look and look at all the Legos.  Then he would talk about them.  And he would have to show us things.  Then he would show us again an hour later because surely we didn't remember the awesomeness of it all.  This catalog is so tattered now, I am tempted to toss it, but Henry has asked me to please tape and staple it back into place so he can continue to enjoy it.

Have I seriously just typed this much about Legos?

If you have a little boy (or girl, whatever) and you have experienced this:

...you know my joy.  My little guy using his imagination and creating is just amazing.  It also doesn't hurt that he enjoys doing something ON HIS OWN for a good length of time.  Just sayin.'

Here are some more pics of our boy and his toys for our family's enjoyment:

The tongue plays a big part in his concentration...

TaDa!  A shooter! 

Truly, this has been an awesome addition to our daily routine; something fun that we all enjoy doing together and something that Henry enjoys doing on his own.  It is really cool when your kids find something that they just love to do.  Especially when that thing is not a video game.  Woohoo! 

Now if only I could create some kind of fence to quarantine the Legos to one area...or keep Mr. Sneaky Pants (aka Wyatt) from hiding them in various locations throughout the house.  Like his diaper.

So okay.  I realize that if Henry ever hears about Lego Land, we will probably need to figure out how to get there eventually.   And I guess I'm okay with that.  There is nothing like seeing pure excitement on the face of your children, and I cannot even imagine what that would be like upon entering such a place for Henry.  Totally, totally worth it.



sarah said...

Oh legoland. Can you imagine? Also, is it weird that I keep each kit in a seperate bag so they don't get mixed up. I think I need to let that one go. =) Does Henry get the free lego jr. magazine? If not, I can send you a link. Legos are Awesome! Love seeing the joy on Henry's face playing with them.

Jovial J said...

Legoland. My kids went crazy and they AREN'T huge fans of legos. I can only imagine the heart-stopping excitement for Henry. He might just explode. If you do go, I suggest time at Sea World, too. They are in the same general area of So. Cal. Not a bad place to visit.

Devin said...

That's funny, Henry sounds like my nephew Garrett, he's totally into the Star Wars legos. He's like a lego savant though, you can't buy something hard enough that he won't finish in a few hours. Sounds like Henry's on his way there too. Garrett's got his eye on the Death Star set - some of those are super expensive, I couldn't believe it. But for having a hobby, there's a lot worse out there

SILK - Sewing in Love for His Kingdom said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't always know what I'm doing with this google stuff - How did SILK show up? Anyway, my comment was -- I bet you NEVER get to just walk past the lego store in the mall :) !!!
Jan L.

Nina said...

I see an engineer in the making. I have two nephews that are engineers and they too started spending lots and lots of time building with legos. I remember our Grandma J would put a mat on the table and place a pile of logos so the other little cousins could not get them. That would include S and B (: Keep building and using your imagination Henry! Love everything about you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...you DO remember that a brand new fabulous LEGOLAND is having its grand opening HERE (the old Cypress Gardens) in October?!!! There's only like 4 of them in the entire universe...isn't it great that one is going to be here? We'll go for sure your next visit!
I can't quite get over how much Henry changes in every picture I see...he's so grown up....and I miss those boys, (and their parents) very much. I'm proud of Henry's diligence and creativity with those Legos! And I love your blogs...you're so clever :)
love, mom

Delissa said...

Alex just looked over my shoulder and said "oh, Lego!!". I told him that Henry is hooked on Lego now and he said "yes!!". I think the age difference between a soon to be 12 year old and soon to be 5 year old will disappear this summer when the lego comes out.

Love Aunt Delissa

PS We'll meet you in Orlando for the grand opening of legoland...

Debbie said...

Yes!!! Please do!

Steph said...

Woo hoo!! I had no idea one was opening in Florida. All I have to say is "SCORE!"

Danielle Brown said...

At our house it is teeny tiny princess dolls and all their attachments, shoes, clothes, and sidekicks. But, I know what you mean! The HOURS she spends playing w/those and lost in imagination land is priceless, just PRICELESS!

Brad said...

Your whole post = our lives for the past 5 years. Word for word.