Saturday, April 03, 2010

That two minutes of sunshine

was awesome yesterday.

Is anyone else feeling extremely stir-crazy for lack of playing outside? I know that Henry is starting to act up in new ways, probably because he is bored. It's lot of fun, let me tell ya! I cannot play Tinker Toys for one more minute or I will go insane. I need sun. I need playground. I need for toddler to get some fresh air and exercise and mommy to get some breathing time!!!

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butters said...

AMEN sister... I even have my parents here and I feel a bit stir crazy and my kids are a bit nuts!

As long as Nate recovers from his nasty cold, let's plan something for next week. Even if it rains, let's get together!

lOVE the pictures of Mr. Wyatt, ... Mr. Blue eyes himself.(:

Love you friend.

sarah said...

What a little charmer! How can you say no to that face. Seriously! =)
And I hear you about the stir crazy thing. I am so ready to have a healthy house again!!! And yes, I used 3 exclamations. =)