Friday, February 26, 2010

Still here...

Geez. It's like you blink and people are yelling at you for not blogging. I don't have much to say except life is flying by fast and even though there are days when I would say we did "nothing," every day is so busy they are hard to keep track of! Wyatt is growing and changing so fast and is so much fun to raise (except when he is mad). If I can think of enough high pitched phrases to throw at him or have enough energy to continue peek-a-boo for minutes on end, he is a happy baby, even when he's cranky. Henry has somehow warped into a little boy. Though he still stubbornly clings to several toddler-like behaviors, for example, screaming at the top of his lungs after preschool when he was offered the wrong flavor of pastry by another preschool mom (okay, it was Jenna - hee!), he is a fun and easy kid to raise, too. These boys LOVE each other something fierce and it never ceases to make my heart feel like it is bursting out of my chest when I see how sweet and tender and thoughtful Henry is towards Wyatt. What a lucky mom I am!
I interrupt this post to remind readers that both my children have hyper-charged emotions and scream louder (and at a higher pitch) than 11 year old girls when they are angry, hurt or were told "no" (and sometimes just for fun).
But we love them!
Here are some pics from this morning - mostly of Wyatt because the eldest son likes to do this when the camera comes out:
The cutest little pirate I ever did see:

For reals!

Alas! A smile!

Such a fun curious about everything.

And still not crawling! Getting really good at going backwards, though. ;)

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Nina said...

To know these two little boys is to love them so much . They have sweet hearts to match!