Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some joy for your Wednesday...and bananas

So I've been slowly introducing cereal to Wyatt for the past week and just for fun, I added a teeny bit of smooshed banana to it last night. To say the least, he is very much like his brother in that I can't get it to him fast enough. Please note the grunting.

To end this post I will add, how in the world is Wyatt almost 6 months old? That in itself is crazy!!!


Brazenlilly said...

Cuteness! But I don't think Sydney gave Wyatt permission to sit in that highchair. ;)

Aj Schwanz said...

Oh, those boys! Dude, your grocery bills in thirteen-ish years are going to be HUGE! But the yummy noises will probably be just as big. How fun!

Kathy said...

Lions make me laugh too - but usually not when they're coming for my nose! Thanks for the videos, Steph - love them and love those boys!

Becky said...

I liked the grunting...he was sayin' "Hurry it up mom this stuff is delicious!" Just wait until Aunt Becky gives him some delicious ice-cream!