Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing if not determined!

I got an early birthday present today from my old boss, and in true fashion, she stuffed the gift with bags of candy. A pregnant woman's best friend! On the ride home, Henry asked to hold the gift bag and being the super-nice mom that I am said, "Sure!"

A few minutes later:

Henry: I want to eat this candy, mommy.
Me: Not right now Henry. Maybe a few pieces after lunch, ok?
Henry: No. I want some now.
Me: Well, sorry bud. Not right now.
(pulls out cellphone to call Becky)
Henry: mmm.

About 10 minutes go by...
I'm thinking to myself, what a good kid I have. He's so quiet back there. Sweet boy.

Me: Hey bud, whatcha thinking about?
(turns around to glance quickly at him)
Henry: (chewing away) It's yummy!
Me: What the?!?!

People. He knawed his way to the sugary deliciousness.

The victim:

Sigh. Well, I can't scold him really. #1, I let him hold the bag. #2, I'm pretty sure I would have done the very same thing at his age. Mom's on the phone...I can chew pretty quietly... So I just laughed and took the jellybeans from him. He got sad and there was a tear, but I told him I'd give him a few after lunch and as soon as he realized he wasn't in trouble, was happy again.

What a nut!
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butters said...

That is hilarious... I wanna knaw through a bag of jellybeans! Hmm... I just bought a whole bunch of candy for the pinata... I'm in trouble. Thanks for making me smile today.

Jo B. said...

OOOOH! Jolly Rancher jelly beans! Henry, I don't blame you! Those ARE good!

sarah said...

Wait, did Jenna just say Pinata?
I love it Henry! I can totally picture it! I'm not usually a jelly bean fan,but I do like the jolly rancher and starburst ones.

Becky said...

Nice...I love that I got to be included in this story. So glad that he found a way to entertain himself while we chatted. :) Too funny!

Becky said...

Also..maybe it has been like this for a while, but I like your new blog design. :)

jgorger said...

I am rolling laughing so hard...too funny! Thanks for sharing this story.

Devin said...

What do you mean, "you would have done that at his age"? You would do that now, let's be honest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, grandma here. Reminds me of the story your great grandma used to tell about when my 3 brothers and I were left alone in the car (that was what you did in those days)for a few minutes after she'd been grocery shopping. When she came back we were each eating a cube of butter. Just enough to go around. Umm umm good!! Love you.