Friday, January 09, 2009

A Day of Blessings

This day was yesterday. I would say today is also full of blessings, only Henry has been a pill most of the day. Of course I still love him to pieces, but I could do without the drama! I know, mom! Payback!
* the point of my blog...
Yesterday was Jim and my 9th Wedding Anniversary! Woot! That was blessing #1. :) For our anniversary, we went to my monthly check-up and got to hear one of the most beautiful sounds in all the world - our baby's heartbeat. Woot! That was blessing #2. Blessing #3 was Henry, who was so good and sweet and charming to everyone while he had to wait and wait for the doctor to come and for them to take my blood, etc. A lot of times, it is hard to go anywhere with a 2 1/2 year old, but yesterday was an exception and boy, were we thankful! It's also quite alarming how you feel when you are listening to your new baby's heartbeat while you are looking at your older baby's face. I wish you could have seen him. Without any sound, his face was in the perfect, "oooooh" state. By the way, he wants a little sister and he wants to name her Baby Jack. Nice.
And so I say thank you Lord, for my amazing husband, who - let's be honest here - puts up with a lot of drama himself...from ME! After 9 years of marriage, we still laugh with each other and AT each other every day. I couldn't ask for a better love, friendship or father to my children. I love you, Jim!
And thank you Lord, for my beautiful baby boy, Henry, and all that he has brought in to our lives - joy, love, laughter, adventure... What a perfect blessing we have in him.
Thank you for the teeny babe that is growing inside me now and for all that is in store for him/her. Already we love this child with all that is in us and we can't wait to hold this precious creation in our arms.

Oh happy day!
Sorry for the sapp!

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Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Wow! 9 years! Congratulations sweet friend and SO happy for you and your precious family! Love all the Henry first posts and pics, he is TOO cute.

Aj Schwanz said...

Many many congrats on all fronts! I'm glad that the sap and the real blend together so beautifully in all your lives.

Ps. Belly pics? Hello! Seriously missing on the blog for the nosy rosies you know.

Pps. If you have a girl, and if Grant and Karla don't take up the offer, I think the name Jasrienne is just lovely. :D

Brazenlilly said...

AND thank you for making me cry. Those are all precious, wonderful blessings, and those of us close to you get to be blessed vicariously too. :)

Becky said...

I love it..bring on the sappy! What a great present to get to hear your sweet baby's heart beat and be with your family. We're so blessed to have all of you in our lives. Happy anniversary!

Rory said...

I needed that. On a day when I want to sell my children to the highest bidder, a reminder of what a treasure they are brings tears to my eyes. I'll hug them a little tighter, a little longer tonight. And big--no, HUGE--congrats on #2!!! I'll put in a plug for little girls...they're great! (Ignoring of course what I said above about wanting to sell them...:))

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary and much love to all! While we're counting blessings... you and your family are true blessings to my heart and I thank the Lord for you daily. Bring on the sap!

Becky said...

Oh...and I can't wait to meet baby girl Jack!

butters said...

Happy Anniversary! You totally made me tear up too! You have a way with words.(: I am so glad to hear of baby Marr's precious heartbeat and darling big brother Henry behaving so well.

Lots of love to you guys on this
9th year!

sarah said...

congratulations on your many wonderful blessings. What could be better. I know that this has already been said, but it so true. We truly feel blessed to know you and your family. Love ya!

jgorger said...

Um, yea, you made me totally tear up too! What true blessing you have, and you deserve them so much! Congrats on your anniversary! Its amazing how little kids can really rise to the occasion when you least expect it, I am sure that your wonderful parenting has a lot to do with it. :)