Friday, November 21, 2008

Love me some Burl Ives

I know, I know. I have totally been lacking in blogging responsibilities lately. Whatever! I'm busy! I'll catch up on some Henry pics soon. For now, I hope you enjoy this post!
There are movies that we all have stored away in our childhood memories, that when they are thought of or seen, make us smile (and okay, maybe cry). Here's a couple songs from one of mine, Summer Magic. Why, I ask, don't they make movies like this anymore? Henry especially loved Ugly Bug Ball. Warms my heart. :) And can I just say how much I love youtube? You can find anything on there!

Ugly Bug Ball

Front Porch


sarah said...

That is so funny that you posted about Summer Magic. We started watching this movie with Eric's grandma (we had never seen or heard of it). Unfortunately I didn't get to see the end. Do you have it?

Steph said...

No, but I just put it on my amazon wish list!!!

Brazenlilly said...

Seriously, how many Disney movies was that dog in?! :) I haven't seen this movie, but I got a Disney compilation CD in HS and the ugly bug ball song was on there, so I know it well. Looks cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, those were adorable movies...I guess they can't make them like that anymore because they're too busy making charming movies like ROLE MODEL!!!

I'm glad you have Summer Magic in your memory banks!

love, your Mom