Sunday, June 22, 2008

Enjoying our tax dollars

Last Friday, Jim and I braved the nice weather (we're talking horrible allergies, people) and took Henry to play in the fountain in downtown Hillsboro. It really doesn't do it justice to say he had a good time. He ran around for an hour and STILL wasn't ready to leave, even when we said, "Henry, let's go eat dinner!" :) Maybe it sounds silly, but I was so proud of him! He was totally unafraid of the huge jets of water - even got sprayed in the eyes and up the nose and it never stopped him. It was one of those times when you really love being a parent, watching your child just love life. Not that I don't always love being a parent. Sometimes just more than others. You know what I mean. :)


I can see us getting a lot of use from these fountains this summer!
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Peaby said...

nice pictures! that looks like a lot of fun.

sarah said...

Henry looks like he is having a blast. How fun!

Brazenlilly said...

Something about these pics makes him look like such a little BOY! Not a baby or even a toddler. He IS going to be 2 in less than a month! How fun. I'm confused about the tax dollars though....??

butters said...

Great Pictures... Henry looks like he had a blast. We've been a fan of the fountain as well. On Sat. they have the Farmer's market and so after checking that out, we let Nathan play and enjoy his joy in getting soaked also. We'll have to go together sometime.

Love ya,
I hope you guys survived the vicious allergies!

Steph said...

Hillsboro tax dollars...we pay for this fountain - better use it. :)

it's jaci hunn said...

henry is sooo cute[:
i miss those fountains they have in oregon
we dont have any here..=/