Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dad thinks I look cool

Jim thinks it's neat to flip up Henry's collars all the time. The outfit he is wearing is from my best friend in Florida, Tricia, and it is labeled 12 months. Hmmm. Still with the drool...

If you were ever wondering what I looked like as a baby, this is pretty much it. However, as of late, I have noticed some of daddy's features making their way to the stage. Isn't it weird how much babies change from one month to the next? Henry looks totally different than when he was born. The only time I notice a resemblence is when he is screaming (not out of joy). That look/expression has stayed pretty much the same. Sometimes, when a baby is crying, do you ever laugh b/c it's so cute?
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Jason said...

I don't know what's worse. The fact that Dr. 90210 is on the TV in the first photo, or that I recognize that it's Dr. 90210 on the TV. Maybe I need some help :-S

Steph said...

Ha! I was wondering if anyone would notice!