Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pictures, Puss and Poo

I thought I'd provide a picture of my growing belly for all of you who don't see me on a regular basis...or at all!

Here's me at 20 weeks:

And here's me on Monday, at 26 weeks (yikes!):

Things are quite well - baby is still quite active and we are just enjoying the miracle of the "alien in belly" phenomenon. I just passed on a horrid cold to Jim (oops), but I'm glad to be over with it. There is nothing worse than being sick and miserable and not being able to take anything to help numb your pain. I watch Jim take his Tylenol Cold PM every night with a bit of jealousy... But I'm glad he can take something to help him sleep, especially now! I would still keep him up with my out of control bladder if he weren't on drugs!

Speaking of Jim being on drugs...he gets his wisdom teeth out on Friday! I can't wait to see what kind of reaction he has to the surgery. All I remember is him walking into my bedroom just hours after I had mine taken out and LAUGHING. So my cheeks were a little puffy! I will have the camera charged and ready. Blood, puss and swelling to you (man, I'm gross)! Muahahahaha! (I really do love him a lot) =D

I have discovered a new joy...shaving my dog. She has been very patient as I test out different ways to trim her long wispies with the clippers. So what if she's a little crooked looking on the backside? It's getting hot and she'll be so much more comfortable! I am suffering from the "trying to get it even" syndrome, and I just end up taking off too much in huge clumps - one side, then the I need to fix this side... You see? The pattern goes on and on. So I just stop at some point and let her look a little nerdy. =D All I know is Maddie still loves me and I love her more when she doesn't get poo on her hiney hair.

I have nothing further to share at this point, so I say, TOODLE LOO!

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Sarah Lawrence said...

Steph, You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!