Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To blog or not to blog?

It is funny to me that the whole premise of a blog is just keeping a diary of sorts, yet we all refrain from posting anything unless we have something funny or extremely interesting to share for fear of our friends thinking we're boring. We're not all like Mike or Jim (recently on a leave of absence from the blogging community), who can turn the most mundane series of events into a humorous tale worthy of sharing. Sometimes during the day something will happen to me and I'll think to myself, "Oooh! I should blog that!" Mmhmm. Do you think that even 5 minutes later I remember what happened or even that I have a blog??? So sad.

Anyhow. Here's my funny story. Last night there was nothing worth watching on TV, so Jim suggested we go upstairs and throw a movie in until we got tired and fell asleep. It was about 8:45 at that time. We started the movie at 9:00 and at 9:15, I woke up to Jim's heavy breathing. Oh yes, my friends. Both of us out cold. Funny thing was, right before Jim suggested watching a movie, I suggested going upstairs to read to which he replied, "It's only 8:45, Steph." Haha.

See? Not even funny!!


Jim said...

I am a man of constant sorrow.

eets said...

Sunday night Sarah and I were in bed at 7:30. Call me a wimp, but when I know I'm about to get 10.5 hrs of rest to start the week it feels Grrrreat!